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Irene W.

by Wolfgang K.



Hello, my name is Irene and I was born in 1934, in the Palatinate.
My parents were self-employed until they retired.
I got married in 1950, I had 3 children and was also employed until 2000, when the children had
already left home.
I have 3 children, two daughters and a son. The daughters are already married. My son died after an
accident in 2007 and that was a heavy blow for all of us.

I officially retired at 60 years, however for the next 10 years I continued to work part-time two days a
week at the same company. I am very happy with my family as I am totally integrated in their lives
and we do everything together -- we are a wonderful clan; everyone is there for everyone else.
I love my children. I have 5 grandchildren and I am very happy about that. I also have a greatgrandchild
now and I am delighted that he is in my world.
Culturally I went to the theatre for 20 years with my eldest daughter. However, I can't go there now
due to health reasons - I have difficulties walking and cannot be out too late when it gets too dark to
walk safely.
I enjoy where I live, I have a two-room apartment.

My daily routine, I have a weekly plan for what I do: I do gymnastics on Mondays, senior gymnastics,
I also go to the senior club and I do other current things. I also go out for lunch with friends from the
senior club.
All in all, I have to say, I don't feel alone. I like going home. I feel like a normal 85-year-old --
sometimes good, sometimes not so good.
My daily routine: So, the very first thing is my breakfast and my newspaper, that's the beginning of
my day. And then, depending on the day, I cook for myself every day, of course I also like to go
shopping. But then my children help me go shopping - - we discuss when and who will go with me
and then I make my shopping list. I also make my weekly plan what I would like to eat or what I could
perhaps eat. Every day I do cook for myself.

In the afternoon I complete the daily tasks which are normally required.
And in the evening, well, I just watch TV. During the day I listen to the radio, which accompanies me
from getting up to going to bed. I like to watch TV, but only in the evening from 5 o'clock. I see
cultural things, also politics and I also like to watch a show. Also, something nice and a lot of sports
programmes. Many people can't understand that I can watch sports, soccer or something like that,
but I'm truly interested.
But other things interest me too, so it's not like that I limit myself. I still want to be part of

I like young people, I'm also interested in my grandchildren, whatever they do with themselves. And I
am always happy when I see them, when I listen to them. The relationship between us is wonderful.
I pass on what I know, what I can do, yes, I show a lot, whether this is always right?! But I do already
help others and I am always happy about young people. I would never say "the youth today!" The
youth today is just as good as we were in the past, it is a different generation from our age to the
young people today - - you should accept that, young people make mistakes too, but old people also.

You ask me to say something about myself - - I am fully integrated in my family, yes, we do a lot
together, we also travel. We also take a day trip and we go somewhere. We have now taken a trip to
the Rhine and as I said, I am actually very happy about my age.