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Working groups

  • Each partner organization has assembled a group of volunteer learners to work on the DENTA project and to conduct and elaborate the interviews. 

  • The 8 local DENTA groups from the 6 different countries also looked at, among other things, the historical and socioeconomic backgrounds that affect or have affected the lives of the interviewees and are creating a timeline with this background data.

  • The groups initially met face-to-face and then had to switch to digital media. Many of the groups not only communicated by email and phone, but also met regularly for videoconferences to share, discuss, and work together on the interviews and timelines. Many interesting discussions were held, from the nature of the interviews to the content and background aspects. 

  • The articipants had access to the interviews of all groups (over the entire project period) and were able to share not only their own interviews, but also those of the other groups.

  • In addition, binational meetings were held between each group to share relevant topics and the interviews. 

  • Already in May 2020, a large meeting with almost all DENTA participants took place with the help of videoconferencing, where the participants could get to know each other. In addition, participants were able to view participant forms with contact information on a non-public page to further exchange ideas in person. 

  • Learners in the DENTA groups were supported by the coordinators and facilitators and received skills training, e.g., on conducting interviews, creative writing techniques, creating and editing photos and videos, desktop research, using video conferencing systems, translation, using new media, etc.

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