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Erasmus+ project „Discovering European Neighbours in the Third Age“ (DENTA)


How do European neighbours live in the third age?


That is what the project DENTA wants to find out with 8 working groups from 6 countries, which interview elderly people who are 60+ about their everyday life and research their social background.


Eight organizations from four Danube countries (Germany, Serbia, Romania and Bulgaria) and partner groups from France and Italy will work together to find out more about the lives of people who are 60 years and older from different European countries. Interviews, pictures and small video clips will be used to create portraits that show everyday life, leisure activities, social commitment, but also challenges. The development of "timelines" should help to understand the portraits in the context of different social and socio-political conditions of this generation in the different countries. The interviews will not be representative, but will provide interesting insights into the lives of the European neighbours.

The working groups at each location will be composed of people of different ages. Qualification training will introduce the participants to techniques for conducting interviews, writing creative texts and photographing pictures and videos of short clips.


The project will create intergenerational contacts. The middle and younger generation thus gains access to the living world of the older generation. By using new media and the project website, the communication of the participants will be strengthened.


The cooperation of the groups on an international level and the partnership meetings enable the contact with people from other countries and is a contribution to international understanding. A bridge is built between generations and between neighbours in other European countries, a bond of friendship is formed, so to speak, from the Black Sea across Europe to the Atlantic. Encounter and cooperation help to reduce prejudices and strengthen the awareness of a common Europe.


We are looking for individuals, groups and school classes who are interested in participating in this project in any form. One of the international meetings will take place in the context of the International Danube Festival Ulm/Neu-Ulm in July 2020


The DENTA project is funded by the European Commission within the framework of Erasmus+.

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The project is planned for two years and starts in autumn 2019, coordinated by ILEU e.V. The partner groups are from Ruse and Sofia, Bulgaria; Timisoara, Romania; Belgrade, Serbia; Ulm and Frankfurt, Germany; Vannes, France; and Carbonia, Sardinia/Italy.