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Exchange of participants

Within the framework of the DENTA project, an exchange between the participants of the project, also between the Learners, was very important to all partners. In order to initiate this, various exchange opportunities were offered. Common hobbies and interests, as well as of course the common work in the DENTA project show commonalities between the more than 90 participants (from the 6 different countries and 8 different cities) and give starting points for exchange, for making contacts and even for developing friendships. By getting to know people from Southeastern, Southern and Western Europe, more understanding for each other and for their living conditions is created. In this way, the DENTA project forsters the European idea of "United in Diversity" and contributes to a Europe of solidarity.   

1. Internally shared participant forms

Each participant in the DENTA project filled out a participant form. In addition to general personal information and contact details, participants also shared their interests, hobbies and reasons for participating in the project. The forms are accessible to all DENTA participants through an internal link on the website. Since this is very sensitive and personal data, the forms cannot be shared publicly and are therefore not available to outside persons. This offers all participants the possibility to contact each other and to further exchange private information. 

2. Get together videoconference on May 7, 2020

For a first get-together, all learners were invited to the get-together videoconference on May 7, 2020. More than 50 participants got to know each other and exchanged information about common hobbies and interests. Read more about it ....

3. Bi-national meetings via videoconference

Bi-national meetings via videoconference were initiated and conducted by the coordinators of the management board of each partner for the exchange between the Learners groups. During these meetings there was an exchange on topics that touched the Learners due to the project and about which they wanted to exchange and learn more. From sharing about volunteering in different countries, housing, historical background, content from the interviews, etc.