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Partner meetings

Intended partner meetings
  • Due to the international Corona pandemic, we unfortunately had to cancel our intended partner meetings since March 2020. 
  • Instead of the meeting in Frankfurt we held a management board video-conference in March 2020. 
  • Since then, the management board meets every month via video conference to continuously work on the project.
  •  As a replacement for the sub-partner meetings in Timisoara and Ulm, where 4 of the partners would have met, a two-day international online conference "Sharing beyond borders" was held, where the project and first results could be presented to a broad public.
  • Furthermore, a large get-together videoconference was held with almost all DENTA group participants to enable a first exchange and getting to know each other. In order to further exchange information, all participants in the project filled out a template with contact information, interests, hobbies and their intention to participate in the project. Participants have access to these templates on a non-public page.
  •  Remark: The online management board meetings between the partners is not a substitute for a real partner meeting of several days, where the cooperation can be much more intensive. Informal exchange and getting to know the cities and countries are also important aspects that cannot be substituted via viedo conference. Nevertheless, we are glad that we were able to continue working together on the project in a continuous and purposeful manner and that we can thus make a successful project conclusion.
  • All participants and partners of the Management Board sincerely hope that we will still have the opportunity to see each other in Vannes for a last partner meeting.