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Discover the world of people from the 3rd age. Eight organizations from six countries interviewed people between 65 and over 100 years of age to find out more about their everyday life, hobbies, interests, difficulties and their past. What has influenced people, what moves them, how do you shape your life today?


On the map you can see where the 8 DENTA groups come from. From left to right:


Vannes, France  ǀ  Carbonia, Italy  ǀ  Frankfurt, Germany  ǀ  Ulm, Germany  ǀ  Belgrade, Serbia  ǀ  Timisoara, Romania  ǀ  Sofia, Bulgaria  ǀ  Ruse, Bulgaria



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Each DENTA group develops up to 15 interviews in English and the local language as part of the project. The groups of learners discuss the selection of interview partners, methods for conducting the interviews, creative writing methods, etc. Furthermore, the groups discuss and revise the interviews with each other and discuss abour interviews of the other groups. Likewise, the interviews of the other groups are read and meetings are arranged to exchange the interviews. The finished interviews are translated into English.

From the interviews conducted, three will be selected in each group to create a video about these additional interviews, which will make the lives of the interviewees more tangible and show a deeper insight into their everyday life, hobbies, interests, etc. The video will also be used as a reference. Learners are also supported in the creation of the video. Simple subtitles in the different languages help with comprehension.


The learners are supported in all these activities by qualification training and the board members who also coordinate and facilitate the groups. 

In addition timelines are worked out. Historical events that have directly or indirectly shaped the lives of the interviewees are elaborated and briefly described. Furthermore, socio-economic data is collected from each country, which shows the situation of seniors in the partners' countries. 

In order for learners to have access to all the interviews, we have already put the interviews on the website on a non-public page.

The work is in progress, we will publish the interviews and results as soon as they are finalized.