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Partner meeting in Sofia

The 1. DENTA Partner Meeting was successfully organized and held in November 14th-17th, 2019 in Sofia.


To kick off the DENTA project, we held a first partner meeting in Sofia, Bulgaria. The main focus was to get to know the management board and to ensure that all partners have the same understanding of the project and its requirements. 



  • Getting to know the partners, experiences and approaches
  • Clarification of the objectives of the project, aims to achieve and target groups
  • Clarification of the tasks of each partner
  • Presentation of the partner organizations by the involved partners
  • Getting to know the situation of older people in the partner countries
  • Analysis of the groups composition and needs of the learners
  • Development of criteria for the interviews and how to handle them
  • Research methodology to be applied (interview technique and biographical method)
  • Clarification of the working process and cooperation between the partners and the coordinator
  • Clarifiy management, finance and technical aspects
  • Distribution of work tasks until the next partner meeting
  • Setting up subcontracts with the partners




1. Partner Treffen Sofia