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Working group Frankfurt Team

  • The Frankfurt group is working in a self-organized setting with alternating moderation. Silvia Dabo-Cruz and Angela Rüsing are participating as members of the Management Board of DENTA and organizing the contact to the coordinator and the DENTA partners.
  • Other members of the group are: Rita Spanier, Elisabeth Sauer, Gisela Laubenheimer, Michael Keating, Wolfgang Krakowka, Anita Styles, Brigitte Markgraf, Heidrun Harlander-Breth, Inge Vogl and Thomas Brand.
  • Brigitte Höfer and Jutta Fey participated temporarily. 
  • Most of the members are students of the University of Third Age.
  • The group was founded in November 2019. Regular meetings have taken place since December 2, 2019, initially every four weeks, later every two weeks. It is planned to expand the group of interviewers and especially to cooperate with regular (young) students of educational science at Goethe-University Frankfurt.
  • During the Corona crisis the meetings were continued via video-conference, but conducting interviews was paused for some weeks.
  • The participants are very active and committed. They are curious about the results of the interviews and would like to meet the other DENTA-groups.
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