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Context information

Learning younger generations to discover European neighbors in the third age was a primer goal of the DENTA project. In the process, while meeting seniors, learners have had to know more about seniors’ background – educational and socio-economic. Also, learners dwelled into history and politics because historical and political circumstances strongly influenced lives of our neighbors in the third age. 

In the courses of interviews with seniors, working groups were getting clues on socio-economic situations in their countries, as well as insights on historical and political events in last 100 years. Following the clues, learners conducted Internet search looking for more detailed information. 


Though majority in our working groups are not sociologists, they put efforts to collect socio-economic data relevant for understanding present living circumstances of our neighbors in the third age.

Majority of our learners are not historians, but they put efforts to extract from the interviews historical and political events that influenced lives of our neighbors in the third age and create historical and political timelines in national languages. The approach and extent given to historical events was subjective. These timelines are put together in overall historical and political timeline available in English.


Take a look at the socio-economical context - click here 


Take a look at the historical overall timeline - click here

Take a look at the historical national timelines in English and the respective national language: