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Online Conference "Sharing beyond borders"

New ways of care, communication and cooperation of older people along the Danube and in Europe in times of COVID-19


Date: 10.-11.07.2020


Due to the global Corona pandemic the 3rd partner meeting (subgroup 1) in Timisoara and the 4th partner meeting (subgroup 2) in Ulm could not be held. As a replacement the two-day online conference "Sharing beyond borders - New ways of care, communication and cooperation of older people along the Danube and in Europe in times of COVID-19" was held on 10-11.07.2020. The planning of the conference started already in spring 2020.
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The programme covered a wide variety of topics. The topics are very close to the topics of the interviews within the DENTA-Project.
On Saturday, a DENTA project presentation and workshop was held, where the project was presented to the public participants, as well as the activities and experiences the groups.

•    To show how cooperation can work on a local and international level
•    Demonstrating the work and cooperation of organizations with seniors
•    Showing new ways of animating participants through projects
•    Inventory of the events by and for older people from a scientific and work technology perspective
•    international exchange between volunteers and organizations
•    Creating a European sense of community
•    Getting to know the realities of life for older people in Europe
•    General training of our participants on the topics related to the DENTA project and beyond



The conference addressed primarily non-profit / non-governmental organisations from the fields of (adult) education, third age, culture, ICT and new media, care, etc. and other civil society actors and multipliers, as well as interested persons/experts from the Danube Region and Europe.
In the online conference attended 130 participants from more than 21 countries, including participants of each partner organization of the DENTA project.




The extensive programme included political statements and a discussion with European politicians and experts, lectures, workshops, a social evening and presentations, held by civil society organizations along the Danube and in Europe. 


Friday, 10.07.2020

  • Welcome speeches
  • Introduction: Background information about the conference and the Danube-Networkers 
  • Political perspectives and discussion

o    Brief statement statement: European cooperation and opportunities for all ages: future perspectives
o    Brief statement about the significance of the Danube Region for Europe

  • Keynote speech by Cross-border cooperation in social affairs has proven to be   particularly difficult due to the system differences in the   neighbouring countries, How can the EU help to solve these problems? 
  • Lectures:

o    1. Wellbeing, Life Satisfaction and Happiness among older people in the countries from the Danube Region 
o    2. Discrimination of older people and their 

  • Round of questions by the audience
  • Workshops in small groups

o    Digitalisation – new Challenges and Impacts on Older Adults
o    Fostering Communication and Cooperation between Organisations and Beyond via New Media Tools
o    Youth Participation and Empowerment in the Danube Region - mobilizing young people to solve community problems
o    New Care Models and Impacts 
o    Effects of Migration on People remaining in Countries of Departure in Eastern Europe
o    Intangible Cultural Heritage as Societal Kit for European Awareness
o    Age-Friendly Cities
o    Violence Against Women and New Approaches for Empowerment


Saturday, 11.07.2020

  • Presentation of the project DENTA & workshop
  • Presentations and networking of the NGOs from the Danube region
  • Social Evening: An „open session” with music, singing, dancing, cultural presentations and international exchange. 



  • Exchange and discussion in the workshops on various topics relevant for older people
  • Gaining knowledge about the realities of life for older people
  • Meeting of people (volunteers, multipliers and interested people) and organizations working in similar fields and interested in the same and getting the opportunity for a further exchange
  • Practical experience in dealing with new media and in particular with video conferencing systems
  • Dissemination of the DENTA Project
  • To celebrate cultural diversity at the social evening