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Working group Belgrade Team

Centre for Study in Cultural Development, based in Belgrade, assembled a group of mainly young people of different professions. They are not all from Belgrade, three of them are from other cities in Serbia: Novi Sad, Šabac and Kruševac. Also, some of the learners from Belgrade decided to interview seniors from other towns and a village in Serbia: Sremska Mitrovica, Bački Petrovac, Maćija, village between towns Ćićevac and Ražanj.  

Group members, who share interest in learning from seniors, are:

  • Sara Delić, student from Zemun. She met our seniors Jasna J. and Ivica K.
  • Slavko Spasić, biologist from Belgrade. He met our seniors Jan and Verica.
  • Suzana Lazarević, ethnologist from Šabac. She met our seniors Gale and Iren
  • Aleksandra Đorđević, historian from Belgrade. She met our seniors Radun and Silvija.
  • Radmila Krunić, andragogist from Belgrade. She met our seniors Zoki the Bodybuilder and R.N.
  • Gordana Pavlović, social worker from Novi Sad. She met our seniors Božana and Kosta
  • Biljana Zubović, psychotherapist from Belgrade. She met our seniors Marko and Ljiljana
  • Milica Matijević, librarian from Lazarevac. She met our seniors Tomislav and Anka
  • Nina Mihaljčić, master of political sciences from Belgrade. She met our seniors Đorđe and Vera.

  • Bojana Pavlović, psychologist from Kruševac. She met our seniors Gvozdena and Stanislav.

  • Vana Filipovska, master of political sciences from Belgrade. She met our seniors Luka and Katica.

  • Dušan Paučković, writer from Belgrade, who met seniors Dragana and Toza


Working group was coordinated by Dušan Paučković and moderated by Maša Vukanović and Bogdana Opačić, researchers in Centre for Study in Cultural Development.

Group also worked on preparation of historical timeline and socio-economic data relevant for understanding contemporary life of Serbian neighbors in the third age.

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