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Graziella P.

by Agnese C.



Name: Graziella P.

Sex: Female

Place of birth: Bari Sardo

Residence: Lanusei

Nationality: Italian

Year of birth: 1947


What year were you born?

I was born in 1947


Describe briefly the living conditions in your childhood (socio-economic status of the family, did you grow up in a nuclear family (how many children) or in an extended family (did you live with paternal or maternal grandparents, uncles and their families, did you go to school?).

Carefree childhood in a family of discreet economic possibilities, large nuclear family. Elementary school in Bari Sardo, middle school and teacher training institute in Lanusei.


Describe briefly the circumstances of your life from adolescence to retirement (higher education, falling in love, marriage, career, children, holidays and travel, visions of society, environment,role of mobility) Was everything satisfactory, difficult, eventful?

Diploma, enrolment in pedagogy, but winner of competition and I realized my dream of elementary teacher. Very happy marriage with two daughters with whom we have shared studies, vacations, choice of university and professional and their new residence, including marriage. Now we are retired, but I am always active with my family, associations, travel and cultural interests. A full life, full of gratification and much sacrifice.


What was the position of older people when you were young

When I was young, elders were recognizedas having a major, decision-making role in the family and society. They decided the husband or wife of their children or grandchildren, their studies, and the administration of their property.


Describe the intergenerational relationships in your family

I never tolerated interference in my family while respecting the opinions or suggestions of the elders. My mother-in-law made herself available with our young daughters and we cared for her in our home lovingly and in a caring spirit. Care for elderly parents was an unwritten rule adhered to. If an elderly person had no family to care for them, they would find a place in a hospice in the country and people would compete to visit them. My parents were self-sufficient until old age surrounded by children and grandchildren who did not lack for anything.




Please compare what you thought about old age when you were young, your expectations about your retired life and what it is really like now (it is your golden age when you realize all the desires of the past; it is time to enjoy moments of leisure with your grandchildren and family sharing your knowledge and experience; it is a time of loneliness without friends and being marginalized)? What does retirement mean to you?
My seniority is not reserving me any surprises, I continue to dedicate myself to associations, gardening, friends, the sea, the countryside, but I dedicate a lot of time to the study of ritual bread, elaborating forms of bread in use in the various towns of Sardinia. All this pleases me and gratifies me, but my greatest love is my family, so if necessary I move to Rome where our daughters live and enjoy my granddaughter.