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Working group Carbonia Team

  • The Carbonia DENTA "Core group" is coordinated by Fabrizio Palazzari, Giovanni Deiosso, Camilla Melis
  • Learners' group: Agnese Casula, Elvira Usai, Anna Maria Gambella, Assuntina Zedda, Enrico Forteleoni, Laura Arisci
  • The initial main task of this group was to learn the working method in the field and then codify it. This in order to be able to share it later with the “Replicated Groups” during following stages.
  • In fact, the idea is to set up other groups, even small in number, in other sub-regions of Sardinia. The “Replicated groups” will be coordinated by the “Core Group” but will maintain levels of autonomy in order to guarantee the personal growth of their participants.


Carbonia group