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Eugen F.

Eugen F

by Elena B.

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Name:  Eugen F.

Sex: male

Place of birth: Săldăbagiul de Barcău village, Bihor county

Place of residence: Drobeta Turnu Severin

Nationality: Romanian


Back then


In which year were you born?

The 4th of February 1947


Please briefly describe living circumstances in your childhood

 I was born in the village Săldăbagiul de Barcău, Balc commune, Bihor, a land known for wild boar hunting. We were three brothers, two boys and a girl. My brother's name was Petrica, and my sister's name was Viorica. I grew up in the atmosphere of the village, I took care of the animals and cattle owned by my family. We were a relatively poor family, but we were taught to be content with what we have.


Please briefly describe living circumstances from your teenage up to your retirement

I was a child taught to respect my teachers, my colleagues. At the age of 17, I finished high school and then I became a student in Timișoara, at the Faculty of Mathematics-Mechanics within the University of Timișoara. My father, a very intelligent man, did only 2 primary classes because his father died. After the First World War, he wanted to become a mathematics teacher, because mathematics will be needed no matter what situation it is. I became a mathematics teacher, and during my studies I had a scholarship.


What was the position of elderly persons when you were young?

My grandmothers were very dear to me, especially my paternal grandmother, who lived with us. She took care of us, having a pension after her husband's death in the war. She was a very special woman, whom I never forgot. My maternal grandmother was stingier than the other one was, she didn't waste money. I didn't know my grandfathers.



Please compare what were you thinking about old age when you were young, your expectation of your life in retirement, and how it is really now. What does retirement mean for you?

I retired in 2011. I was a math teacher and I was nostalgic for the world of school and children, which I will never forget.

The world has changed, for better or worse, and my values are different from the current values.


Please briefly describe living circumstances in your current life

I have two boys, the older one lives in Timișoara and has a little girl; and the younger one is a math teacher, as his mother and I were, and lives with me in Drobeta Turnu-Severin.

The pension is never enough, when the wife lived, it was enough.


Please describe your daily routines in present

I've been playing sports all my life. I like hiking, cycling, playing table tennis. I still give math classes, private lessons. I was also a mathematics inspector, and my younger colleagues ask me to share my experience. I like to play the electronic organ and I also like to write.


Which media you consume in everyday life (TV, radio, newspapers); what new technologies do you use (Internet, computers, smart-phones)

I watch TV every day, especially the sports shows. I don't use the computer or smartphone.


What motivates you or can motivate you?

I've been an optimist all my life. Music and writing help me stay optimistic.


What are the major roles of retired persons?

It's nice for grandparents to help their children and grandchildren.


What would be your message for the younger generations?

Honesty and humanity in everything you do! Respect the elderly!


Questions specifically for Romania:


Which traditional customs do you still keep in your family?

Because I was born in the countryside, I love all the religious holidays, and not only-  the traditions that were born and are kept in the countryside also.


Did you go through a painful experience caused by the communist regime (persecution, deportation, nationalization, etc.)? How did you manage to overcome that difficult time?



What are the values that guided you throughout life and that you want to transfer to the next generations?

Honesty and humanity, above all! The respect given and the joy of receiving it from others.