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Antuza Valentina D.

Antuza D.

by Ana Z.

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Name: Antuza-Valentina D.

Sex: female

Place of birth: Galșa, Arad county

Place of residence: Timisoara

Nationality: Romanian


Back then


In which year were you born?



Please briefly describe living circumstances in your childhood

I was born in Galșa, a place known for this city, the citadel of Siria. I lived with my parents and my sister. To go to school, I left my village, but I came back every weekend. I attended high school in Vinga and in Cluj I attented the Institute for Teachers for 2 years.


Please briefly describe living circumstances from your teenage up to your retirement

I started my teaching activity in Alioș, my mother's hometown, Timiș County. I taught there for 7 years. Then, following a competition, I arrived in Timișoara. I've been here since 1976. I was married until 1984, when I divorced. My ex-husband died more than 20 years ago


Please describe intergenerational liaisons in your family

I had only one grandmother, the other grandparents died when I was little. Grandma was a doctor and lived in Timisoara.




Please compare what were you thinking about old age when you were young, your expectation of your life in retirement, and how it is really now. What does retirement mean for you?

I didn't think about how it will be when I retire. I retired in 2005. My pension is 2300 lei (470 euro).


Please briefly describe living circumstances in your current life

I live in an apartment in Timișoara, together with my children, a girl and a boy.

 In 2011, I had a heart surgery and since then I have been taking medical treatment. My children take care of me and don't let me do anything around the house, just simple things, wash in the kitchen, they do the rest. They take care of me, so that they don't lose me.


Please describe your daily routines in present

My daughter is a psychologist in high school and in the morning, I wake her up.  My boy, like any man, sleeps more. I let him sleep as much as he can and then start working. I like very much to read, I have a large library. I also like to crochet. I like to sing; when I was little, I played the piano for 7 years.


Which media you consume in everyday life (TV, radio, newspapers); what new technologies do you use (Internet, computers, smart-phones)

I watch TV, and since the beginning of the pandemic, I started watching the tablet. It was quite difficult for me at first.


What motivates you or can motivate you?

The children motivate me in life. I'm listening to them now.


What are the major roles of retired persons?

The main role of retired persons is to help their children.


What would be your message for the younger generations?

Be honest. To be respectful towards themselves, if they are with them, they will be also with the elderly. Out of respect, it all starts!


Questions specifically for Romania:


Which traditional customs do you still keep in your family?

All the holidays, Christmas, Easter with all that involves.


Did you go through a painful experience caused by the communist regime (persecution, deportation, nationalization, etc.)? How did you manage to overcome that difficult time?

My father had problems because he was a priest. The priests were persecuted.


What are the values that guided you throughout life and that you want to transfer to the next generations?

Honesty and the truth. The beautiful part of behavior.