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by Damla A. and Yoana K


Name / pseudonym: Mariya

Gender: Female

Date of birth: 07.09.1953

Place of birth: city of Cherven

Place of residence: town of Ruse

Nationality: Bulgarian


Her past

Speaking of her past Mariya told us that she was born to a socially disadvantaged family and she insisted on specifying that she was not ashamed of that. As early as her teenage years, Mariya used to help with the household chores of her family. Speaking of her childhood, she told us that it was carefree and fun because they had a big courtyard and she enjoyed playing there. She attended school until 8th grade, was a diligent student and didn’t skip classes. She did a course in cooking and sewing, and she got married at the age of 18.


Her present life

Mariya said that these days it has been really hard and also heartbreaking for her to live alone and far from her children. They live far away and her advice to the younger generation was that they should not abandon their parents. Her health worsened after her retirement. She herself said, “I retired and started having health problems.”Mariya told us that she had undergone 7 operations and that she had a severe case of osteoporosis. Despite her condition, she manages to take care of herself. She was in a hurry to tell us that she really likes the Centre for Social Integration and Rehabilitation of the Third Age Foundation and that she frequently visits the place.   In the course of the interview, it became clear that Mariya is exceptionally energetic, outgoing and sociable in her communication with the other users of the Centre services.