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Yves & Nicole

by Marie-Noëlle R.

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I interviewed Yves and Nicole, a retired couple.


They are 87 years old, and retired when they were 64 years old ; they have 3 children and 9 grandchildren.


Yves is a physician, a general pratitioner, Nicole is graduate of HEC ( hight commrecial school), she helped her husband as medical secretary.



Yves was the youngest of 4 boys, the father was a miltary man, the mother a house wife. His father and two of his brothers were imprisoment during the war. His grand parents who lived in Alsace went away during the german occupation.


Yves lived a free childhood, he was not unhappy but he saw some awfull situations, scenes that he has never forgotten.


Nicole was a only girl, her father was an independant worker, sometimes with difficult economic situations. Her mother died when Nicole was an  infant , one grand mother and one aunt were closed to her. The other grand mother divorced, at this time it was not an usual behaviour !


No grand parents lived in the families.



Yves was physician in «  La Réunion «  and « Madagascar ». He thinks he was usefull because he took care of a lot of children in these countries and Nicole teached the children readind and writing.. Their daughter was born in Madagascar


This time of life was very rich and pleasant for them, after they came back in France.



They are not worried about money and, for the moment, they can live in their house.


At the beginning of their retirement they were very busy : charitable associations for helping sick persons and they were engaged in municipal life.


Their grandchildren are a pleasure and they were very present for them.


Other leisures : travels, boats, choral soceties, always for sharing with the others


Now they are not so hiegtly efficient but they are always interested in the actuality : t.v. News papers, internet, radio..



For their grandchildren they are references, models in way of life, and they are a try at passing values, remembers ant the story of the family.


They want save «  l'esprit de famill » a nd they hope work forthe men's union. They are afraid by the violence of some young people and they think we have to stop the hate !