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Institute for virtual and face-to-face learning in adult education at Ulm University (ILEU) e.V., Germany
Carmen Stadelhofer

Schweinmarkt 6
89073 Ulm

  +49 (0) 731-37995166
  (0171) 1904099


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Register of associations:

VR 1808 (Ulm); tax identification number: 88043/77609

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The ILEU Institute is a registered association and recognized as a non-profit organization. President of the association is Carmen Stadelhofer.






The responsibility for the contents of the DENTA website lies by the president, Carmen Stadelhofer, and those who created and published those contents.

Responsible regulating authority


Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts Baden-Württemberg
Königstraße 46
70173 Stuttgart


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DENTA makes every effort to ensure that the information and data contained on its website is correct. However, we can accept no liability or guarantee that the information and data provided is up-to-date, correct and complete. The Project partners of DENTA particularly assumes no liability for potential damages or consequences resulting from direct or indirect use of the provided contents. Please send any requests for amendments of contents to


Exclusion of liability for links to external contents


According to general law, ILEU e.V. and Project partners of DENTA are responsible for its own contents that it provides on the internet. It is important to distinguish between ILEU e.V.’s own contents and references or hyperlinks to the contents of other providers (“third-party contents”). These third-party contents are neither created by ILEU e.V. or it project partners from DENTA, nor does ILEU e.V. have any influence on contents of third-party websites.
The contents of third-party websites to which DENTA references via links do not reflect the opinion of ILEU e.V. or DENTA and serve merely to provide additional information and context. ILEU e.V. does not take ownership of or assume liability for these linked third-party contents.
This applies to all links and references within the DENTA internet presence as well as to third-party entries in marketplace, discussion forums, internal forums and mailing lists that were established by ILEU e.V. or DENTA. Liability for illegal, erroneous and incomplete contents and, above all, for damages resulting from the use or disregard of information presented in this manner, shall lie solely with the provider of the page to which any of these links refer and not with ILEU e.V. and DENTA.


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