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Hélène G.

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Madame Hélène G. was born in Scaër in 1952 and now lives in Vannes. She is French. Her native family has her parents and a brother. Both of her parents have jobs. Although they are not very rich, they have a carefree life. She respected her grandparents, especially her favorite grandmother, because her grandmother gave her a lot of love and education, but the most painful thing of her childhood was the death of her grandmother in 1969. In addition, her childhood was very happy and beautiful.


After graduating from university, she found a job as a social worker in the post office and lived a fulfilling and significative life. She met her husband while working, they got married and gave birth to her daughter. Now that she has retired and lives with her husband, her role in the family is to provide advice and sometimes finance. Her child and grandchild respect her a lot, even if they don't live together. To be honest, retirement life isn't hard for her to come to terms with, as she talked about retirement life with her husband before retiring and was already ready to face retirement life. Their retirement salary not only meets daily expenses but also supports their hobbies.


They both love to travel, especially to China, to more Chinese cities than Chinese. The love of Chinese culture makes him love to learn Chinese and practice Tai Chi, which has become a driving force in his current life. Another motivation for her comes from her puppy, whose name is MING, which means sun in Chinese, she and her husband walk with her dog for three hours a day, which is good for their health.