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Krasimira M.

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by Emiliya V.

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Name/pseudonym: Krasimira M.
Gender: female
Date of birth: 1959
Place of birth: town of Ruse, Bulgaria
Place of residence: town of Ruse, Bulgaria
Nationality: Bulgarian


My name is Krassimira M. I was born in 1959 in the city of Ruse, where I still live. I am a member of the Pensioners Club Kalina. I am a member of the Executive Bureau of the Union of Pensioners - Ruse.
I am proud to be a Bulgarian and a resident of Little Vienna.
I come from a modest but dignified working class family. Unfortunately, I am an only child.
My family lived alone in the Zdravets neighborhood, near primary school “Kl. Ohridski”, where I finished my primary education. During the holidays I went to visit my favourite grandparents.

I finished my secondary education at the Technical School of Clothing "J. Nikolova”- the city of Ruse. I later got married and started my career. Since my husband was a soldier, I joined the women's club "Vazrazhdane", which was formed by the wives of the military to jointly celebrate significant dates, anniversaries, national holidays, Army Day and more. We formed a large family of servicemen.

Like any happy woman, I gave birth to two wonderful daughters, whom my husband and I raised on our own. While working at the Dunarit AD plant, I was elected head of the young people at the plant, which lasted several years. We combined work with pleasure.
My life was very dynamic, but full of good achievements. I managed to combine raising children, family, work, social life and commitment to our parents. I handled the commitments successfully.

My two children graduated with a master's degree, got married happily and are successful business ladies. They had children, which I enjoy watching in my spare time.

Since my husband and I retired early, he was 40 and I was 50, because of the nature of our work, he started his own business, and I devoted five years after retiring to raising my three wonderful grandchildren. As a retiree, I feel satisfied that I have given my tribute and helped
build the goods of my city. Even before I retired I became a member of the club Kalina and for 14 years I take an active part in the social life of the club. I was responsible for cultural activities and chairman of the Municipal Retirement
Organization in the city of Ruse. I am now a member of the Executive Council of the Union of
Pensioners - Ruse. In all the events organized by the Union, I always included the participation
of children so that there would be continuity between the generations. We conducted special
activities with the children such as:
• Grandma's bread secrets
• We read and knit with grandma
• Bread connects us
• Culinary exhibition
• No one is bigger than bread (quiz)
• Bulgarian embroidery passed from grandmother to grandson, etc.

We showed the children our traditions and customs, passed on our experience and knowledge
to preserve the Bulgarian. I think we should teach children to read, knit, sew, knead bread and
more. - This is our duty. I do it with pleasure.
In organizing these events we use computers, tablets, smartphones. The training in the use
of these new technologies is due to the courses that were held at the University of Ruse "Angel
Kanchev" and at the Regional Library "Lyuben Karavelov".

If desired, every retiree can be useful to his family, society and have an active social life. I have
been a house manager at the entrance of the block where I live for 10 years now, and every
year I add something useful for everyone. For example, for the good look of the entrance I
made four gardens with perennial flowers.
In parallel with all these activities, I have been working for five years after my retirement in

I like to be useful for myself and for people. This gives me pleasure.

I believe that in order for us all to live well, the young generation that we raise and educate
must live like us, to the max, and continue our work with upgrading.

I hope teenagers think positively and live creatively!

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