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Working group Timisoara Team

  • The Management Board of the Timisoara group is formed by Ana Zlibut (first vice president LSFTB), Elena Bardac and Zaharia Peres.
  • LSFTB   formed a working group of volunteers interested in senior life conditions and European cooperation, who take part actively in the project. The volunteers are teachers at prestigious high schools in Timisoara, such as the National “Carmen Sylva” College, the National Banat College, the Economic “Francesco Saverio Nitti” College and the General School nr 30.
  • In the Timisoara group, are the following participants: Doina Dragan (president LSFTB), Diana Zlibut, Mirela Carp, Nicoleta-Diana Gherghina, Carmen Firu, Simona Perian, Alina Rumega.
  • The meetings of the group took place in person, one per month until the Corona crisis started, and since then, we worked online.
Timisoara team
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