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Maria Ș.

Maria S.

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Name: Maria Ș

Sex: female

Place of birth: Sebes, Alba County

Place of residence: Timisoara

Nationality: Romanian


Back then


1. In which year were you born?



Please briefly describe living circumstances in your childhood

I was born in Sebeș, Alba County. I lived in Sebeș with my family until I was 18, when I went to Deva to the Sanitary Technical School with a pharmacy class. I attented the 2 years of school there and after that I worked in Orăștie, then in Deva.


Please briefly describe living circumstances from your teenage up to your retirement

I worked in the same pharmacy until 1987. I got married in 1969. Also in Deva I gave birth to the only child I have, a boy, Nicușor. When Nicușor had to come to college, in 1987, I came to Timișoara. He chose Timisoara, and we moved to Timisoara. Since I came here, I have worked in the same unit, at the pharmacy near the County Hospital. I continued to work after retirement.


Please describe intergenerational liaisons in your family

I didn't know my grandparents. I got along well with my parents. We were 5 children, I have another sister and three brothers. With my mother-in-law, I got along well, too. I was respectful to my parents, and Nicusor, my son, never upset me. My mother always told me "that's what you like, that's what you do".

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Please compare what were you thinking about old age when you were young, your expectation of your life in retirement, and how it is really now. What does retirement mean for you?

In my youth, I didn't think about what it would be like now. After I retired, I continued to work for another 10 years. I retired in 2005. The pension is enough, I can't complain. Romania is a safe country. I would not have liked to leave from here. Like at my home, it's nowhere.


Please briefly describe living circumstances in your current life

I live with my husband, at home, in Timisoara. The pension is sufficient. My niece, Irina, went to college in England. She studied the last two high school classes, also in England. There is a direct flight from Timisoara to London.


Please describe your daily routines in present

I like to work in the garden, and regarding the cooking, I cook every day.


Which media you consume in everyday life (TV, radio, newspapers); what new technologies do you use (Internet, computers, smart-phones)

I use the computer, the internet, the TV and the radio. I don't use my smartphone.


What motivates you or can motivate you?

My child and niece motivate me. We live for them now.


What are the major roles of retired persons?

Grandparents take the best care of their children. I sent my son to kindergarten when he was older, otherwise he stayed with his grandparents. I do not agree that the children going to kindergarten from 2 years.


What would be your message for the younger generations?

Respect the elderly. I have the impression that today's youth seem to hate the elderly, as if things are not going well because of them. In the old days, it wasn't like that.


Questions specifically for Romania:


Which traditional customs do you still keep in your family?

All the religious holidays.


Did you go through a painful experience caused by the communist regime (persecution, deportation, nationalization, etc.)? How did you manage to overcome that difficult time?



What are the values that guided you throughout life and that you want to transfer to the next generations?

Christian values.