Working Group Ulm Team

  • Moderator of the group is Carmen Stadelhofer (ILEU), supported by Carmen Rouhiainen (ILEU) and Viktoria Kurnosenko (ILEU).

  • In the DENTA group in Ulm are ten learners active: Ildiko Dobrescu, Christel Freitag-Wagner, Hanns Hanagarth, Brigitte Nguyen-Duong, Bertram Wegemer, Iris Humpenöder, Horst Buchmann, Ute Frederici, Margot Eisele, Rolf-Peter König

  • Work started in November once a month, since January 2020 the group started to meet every two weeks in the ILEU office in Ulm.

  • Due the Corona the group continued the work via video-conference and met almost every week

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