About the project

Erasmus+ project „Discovering European Neighbours in the Third Age“ (DENTA)


How do European neighbours live in the third age?


In the DENTA project, 8 local working groups from 6 European countries collaborated from October 2019 - September 2021 to conduct interviews with senior citizens. The aim was to find out how seniors live in the different European countries, how they shape their everyday life, what hobbies, interests and desires they have and how their past has shaped their present life. The interviews are not representative, yet they provide interesting insights into the lives of our European neighbors in their 3rd age. For some interviews, additional case study videos were created, which give a lively insight into the lives of the interviewees.

To better understand the lives of seniors in different countries, historical and socioeconomic timelines are provided as background information.


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Official press release on the project closure in all project languages


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